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Free phone calls with Viber apps

Use characteristics:

  •  Use immediately on mobile phones or other smart phone devices.
  •  Free phone calls from your contacts list.
  • Simple using: Using Viber apps similar to make a normal call: open your contacts, choose "Viber icon", choose to make free calls.

1. Instructions for installing Viber on your phone:

Install Viber:

- Viber for iOS (iPhone, iPad):
+ Fit equipment: iPhone & iPad.
+ Instructions for installation:
+ Open the iTunes application / Sign in to manage your Apple ID / Find the "Viber" / Install.

-Viber for Android (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC ...):
+ Into Play Market on your Android device. (can use computers, access the website, sign in to your Google account once you are logged in on android device, choose "Settings on the Web", Android devices when Internet connection will automatically download and install).
+ Sign in to manage your Google ID using a Gmail address.
+ Find the Viber application, choose "Settings".
+ Google Play will download and install Viber.

- Viber for Windows Phone (Nokia, HTC ...):
+ Into Window Market.
+ Choose search, Viber application.
+ Choose download.
+ Device will be automatically installed.
- Viber for Desktop, Laptop:
+ Viber installation support on computers using Windows operating systems, MacOS and Linux.
+ Download Viber Desktop apps: Windows, MacOS, Linux.
+ Follow installation instructions.

To activated Viber for phone:

-          After installing Viber application, the device will need to be enabled before you can use, Viber uses your phone number to do the accounts should just need confirm your phone number.
-          Open Viber.
-          At the activation screen: enter your phone number, Viber will send a message with the activation code, enter this code in the box enabled on the device.
-          In case Viber undeliverable message, the server will automatically conduct a call and read numbers to activate the device, remember and enter the box enabled.
-          When the process of activation is complete, Viber will synchronize contacts, identify the contacts in your phonebook using Viber.

2. Use Viber:

Using Viber apps similar to also make a normal call: open your contacts, choose "Viber icon", choose to make free calls.

Good Luck!

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